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Why Blockchain Can And Should Be Developed For Digital Advertising

Forbes Agency Council A smart contract provides transparency and ensures that all parties deliver on the terms. The objective is to cut out the middleman. If brands can buy directly from publishers and content providers, the market will become more efficient, content providers will make more money and advertisers will have the transparency they require. For those who are higher up in their companies, the most important thing to do is to educate oneself on blockchain, smart contracts and the technology that supports these potential changes. By having this knowledge, executives in digital advertising can start to pave the way for change to occur.  However, I do still believe that blockchain technology will enter the advertising space slowly. Big publishers and advertisers will test and see if credible inventory becomes available. Because the process needs to dramatically change, there will be resistance and it will be difficult for a complete market transition. But blockchain technology is valuable and stands to clean up much of the challenges advertisers face with spending budgets getting the biggest bang for their buck. While there are still some legitimate concerns, blockchain poses the potential for a drastic and positive change in the digital advertising industry and is well worth the time and effort. Forbes Agency Council is an invitation-only community for executives in successful public relations, media strategy, creative and advertising agencies.

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